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X-Ray Surveys operate the latest in CCTV Drainage Condition survey equipment to trace and also examine the condition of underground pipes. CCTV Drainage Surveys are carried out operating the MiniCam Solo Pro 60 Meter Drain Camera and Wincan V8.     https://www.drainage-surveys.co.uk/

The MiniCam has a built in 'sonde' which can work in sync with the RD8000 to pinpoint the exact direction and location of the underground pipes. Do you need your drains surveyed?

X-Ray Surveys attend site equipped with an original topographical survey which shows the position and the level of manhole covers. Manhole covers are lifted in a safe and secure manor to ensure no danger is at risk to the public. Invert readings are measured, direction of flows are established and pipe sizes noted along with sewer construction, either foul or surface using a CCTV MiniCam Solo Pro device. If you need a drain surveyed or Drain tracing Surrey. Call us if you need a drainage survey. 

We video the chambers and pipes which shows conditions of the runs and would show any blockages or damage and any junctions which are present between 2 manholes. This information is then added to the existing survey, all connections, invert levels and direction of flows are clearly presented on the drawings and are referenced to the Wincan Report. X-Ray Surveys' CCTV drainage teams are confined space trained, Wincan and CSCS certified. CCTV Drain Surveys london, surrey, Brighton.

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Drainage pipe sizes will be obtained without entering the chamber and therefore should be treated as approximate on deep chambers. X-Ray Surveys will only CCTV Drainage routes where the chamber is no deeper than 1.5 meters.  It may be possible to make a sounded connection beyond this depth. If you require CCTV or pipes traced when the chamber is deeper than 1.5 meters, confined space entry will have to be arranged and additional costs will apply.

To View a Wincan Report please click this link Wincan VX Example

CCTV drainage surveys, also known as Closed-Circuit Television drainage surveys, are a specialized form of inspection used to assess the condition and functionality of underground drainage systems. These surveys involve the use of CCTV cameras attached to flexible cables that are inserted into the drainage pipes. The cameras capture real-time footage as they travel through the pipes, allowing engineers and technicians to assess the condition of the drainage system and identify any issues or blockages. Drainage surveying UK.

Here's how CCTV drainage surveys are typically conducted:

  1. Preparation: Before conducting the survey, the drainage system is usually cleaned and flushed to remove any debris or blockages that could obstruct the CCTV camera's movement. Access points to the drainage system, such as manholes or inspection chambers, are opened for camera insertion.

  2. Camera Insertion: A CCTV camera attached to a flexible cable is inserted into the drainage system through the access points. The cable is pushed or pulled through the pipes, allowing the camera to travel along the length of the drainage network.

  3. Real-time Inspection: As the camera moves through the pipes, it sends live video footage to a monitoring station or recording device. The footage allows the surveyors to visually inspect the condition of the pipes and identify any defects, cracks, fractures, blockages, root intrusions, or other issues.

  4. Recording and Documentation: The entire survey is recorded, and the footage is carefully reviewed and analyzed by drainage experts. Any findings, observations, and measurements are documented for further analysis and reporting.

  5. Defect Identification and Assessment: Based on the survey results, the severity of any defects or blockages is assessed. This assessment helps in prioritizing repairs or maintenance activities based on the urgency and impact on the drainage system's functionality.

CCTV drainage surveys are beneficial for various reasons:

  1. Efficient Inspection: CCTV surveys provide a cost-effective and non-intrusive way to inspect underground drainage systems without the need for extensive excavations.

  2. Accurate Diagnosis: The real-time video footage allows for accurate identification and assessment of issues within the drainage system.

  3. Preventive Maintenance: Identifying and rectifying potential issues in their early stages can help prevent more significant problems, reducing the risk of drainage system failures and costly repairs.

  4. Data-driven Decision Making: The recorded data and survey reports aid in making informed decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, or upgrades of the drainage system.

CCTV drainage surveys are commonly used in municipal drainage systems, commercial properties, industrial sites, and residential buildings. These surveys are typically carried out by specialized drainage contractors or engineering firms equipped with CCTV inspection equipment and expertise in drainage systems.