Topographical And Measured Building Surveys

Topographical and Measured Building Surveyors London and Surrey

We can provide accurate measured building and topographical surveys for architects, developers, local councils and general public for planning applications or records drawings. The team operate Leica Surveying total stations and we process the information using N4ce processing software producing AutoCAD output files (DWG)

Topographical Survey

This process analyses all above ground features of the site, including natural manmade features. The team from our Sussex or Hampshire offices use high accuracy equipment to provide you with a detailed topographical survey result.

Street Scene Elevation Survey

This is a detailed series of drawings of a street area, to show the impact that any changes could have. 

Elevation Survey

We take accurate representations of the outside of a building. An elevation survey is essential for planning and development projects that take place from London to Hampshire.

Internal Floor Plan Survey

This measured building survey creates horizontal representations of the inside of a building showing multiple rooms at once, including doors and windows. These are essential for architecture or building engineering work. 

Cross Section Survey

This is a land surveying process that uses design data to create geometric representations of road levels, outlines of earthworks, and a range of cross-sectional areas.

To get a quotation on any of our land surveying, measured, and full measured building surveying services, please reach out to us by phone or email. A member of the team from our Sussex or Hampshire offices will respond to you promptly.

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